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Promoting the development and adoption of Zero Carbon Hydrogen in Australia

Welcome to Zero Carbon Hydrogen Australia, a leading initiative within the Smart Energy Council, committed to advancing a renewable hydrogen future.

As a key industry body, we strive to champion the development and adoption of renewable hydrogen in Australia and internationally.

Our flagship project, the Zero Carbon Hydrogen Scheme, is a collaborative effort designed to
accelerate the use and distribution of these sustainable products.

Through unwavering dedication, we aim to spark a shift towards cleaner energy solutions, both domestically and abroad.

Hydrogen holds immense potential as a transformative fuel for Australia, offering cleaner skies and a brighter tomorrow. Join our movement and let’s unlock the boundless  possibilities of hydrogen together.

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What is Green Hydrogen?

Renewable hydrogen signifies a revolutionary shift towards sustainable energy solutions.

Essentially, it is hydrogen produced using clean, renewable energy sources, primarily through the process of electrolysis.

By harnessing electricity from renewable sources such as solar, wind, or hydropower, we efficiently split water into hydrogen and oxygen.

What distinguishes renewable hydrogen is its significant environmental benefits, providing a greener alternative to traditional hydrogen production methods linked to fossil fuels.

The applications of renewable hydrogen are diverse, ranging from a clean fuel for vehicles to a crucial feedstock in industrial processes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to represent the Australian zero-carbon hydrogen industry, to policy makers and
key decision makers, to drive a competitive marketplace domestically and internationally and
advocate for the adaptation for the zero-carbon hydrogen projects and products to support the
decarbonisation of Australia and the world.

Guiding principles of Zero Carbon Hydrogen Australia

  • Advocate for zero-carbon hydrogen projects and products, including green ammonia and green steel.
  • Provide industry leadership by being a respected and trusted voice for the zero carbon hydrogen industry domestically and internationally.
  • Engage, collaborate and provide demonstrated value-add to Zero Carbon Hydrogen Australia, and Smart Energy Council Members.

Focus Areas:

Domestic Market

Drive the development of a zero-carbon hydrogen economy in Australia, promoting the use of hydrogen products and support development of hydrogen projects.

Provide industry leadership to the domestic market through reporting on key issues to equip industry with real-time information on key  domestic and global issues.

Global Market

Position Australia as a global leader in the development of zero-carbon hydrogen, including leveraging Australia’s research and development, academia and success stories abroad.

Support bilateral engagement with trading partners to enhance opportunities for industry.


Advocate for the industry in the development of domestic policies and strategies to ensure the industry is represented at the highest levels to policy makers and key decision makers.


Zero Carbon Hydrogen Australia, a division of the Smart Energy Council, is a dynamic
organisation committed to driving impactful change in the realm of smart energy.

Membership for Zero Carbon Hydrogen Australia is incorporated into Smart Energy Council membership, you can opt-in to communications, networking and events related to hydrogen.

Zero Carbon Hydrogen Australia is local, but our reach is global, and our memberships are open to individuals and corporate bodies.

At Zero Carbon Hydrogen Australia, we advocate and facilitate ambitious initiatives in line with
three core principles:


➔ Empower Your Business: Position your business at the forefront of change and enhance its reputation. We actively connect you with the right individuals and information to foster growth and influence in the renewable hydrogen sector.


➔ Accelerate the Shift: Support the transition from passive to smart solutions. Stand alongside us as we take decisive actions to activate positive change in the energy landscape.


➔ Drive a Sustainable Future: Join us in propelling Australia towards a resilient future powered by renewables. Together, let’s contribute to the rapid progress and sustainability of our nation.

Zero Carbon Hydrogen Australia is dedicated to assisting your business thrive in a future where
smart energy is the cornerstone of success. Partner with us as we collectively work towards a
sustainable and resilient future for Australia.

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The Mission

As a division of the Smart Energy Council, Zero Carbon Hydrogen Australia advocates for the development of the industry and the uptake of hydrogen.

The division seeks to promote the use of hydrogen as a clean and sustainable fuel and energy storage medium in Australia.

We support this essential work by designing, organising and hosting a range of paid and free events including seminars, workshops, conferences and webinars.

Our Work

Zero Carbon Hydrogen Australia’s program of work focuses on:

  • Promoting the use of hydrogen as an energy carrier;
  • Safety and standards development;
  • Further developing and supporting Australia’s export market potential including partner activity,
  • Policy development and the integration of zero carbon hydrogen in the Australian energy economy; and
  • The development and deployment of hydrogen energy technologies, such as fuel cells
  • Raising awareness and designing & delivering events 


Our essential program of work in 2021-2022 includes:

  • Advocacy and awareness campaign for hydrogen;
  • Delivering high quality seminars and workshops in key locations and online;
  • Developing an industry-led Guarentee of Origin scheme for renewable hydrogen, ammonia, and metals

Zero Carbon Certification Scheme

The industry-led Guarantee of Origin style scheme which promotes the uptake and distribution of renewable hydrogen products and their derivatives in Australia and overseas

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Joanna Kay, General Manager, Zero Carbon Hydrogen Australia

Chris Bowen, Climate and Energy Minister

John Grimes, CEO, Smart Energy Council
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Hydrogen is the most abundant chemical in our world, it can be processed into an energy carrier using a renewable method such as electrolysis, or traditionally through steam reformation. 
The produced hydrogen can be safely stored and used in a multitude of ways including in power generation and energy storage, as fuel for hydrogen vehicles, or as a feedstock for chemical products.

Watch a video explaining Hydrogen energy here.

The Zero Carbon Certification Scheme is an industry-led Guarantee of Origin style scheme which promotes the uptake and distribution of renewable hydrogen products and their derivatives in Australia and overseas. 

The scheme will assess the embedded carbon in participating hydrogen, ammonia and metals produced within Australia.

These terms all share a common focus: creating a future fuel integral to the global decarbonisation journey. “Renewable hydrogen” centres on using sustainable energy;

“zero-carbon hydrogen” prioritises minimal emissions; and

“green hydrogen” specifically involves renewable electricity.

These distinctions underscore their shared imperative for reducing global carbon emissions.

Green Hydrogen:

Produced via electrolysis, green hydrogen uses renewable energy sources like solar, wind, or hydropower to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. Recognised as the most environmentally friendly option, it generates no carbon emissions during production.

Blue Hydrogen:

Derived from natural gas through steam methane reforming, blue hydrogen distinguishes itself by capturing and storing carbon emissions using carbon capture and storage (CCS). This makes blue hydrogen a cleaner alternative to grey hydrogen.

Grey hydrogen is not yet a sustainable fuel for the future. Check out this article from the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis on Blue Hydrogen, which includes a fact sheet. Don’t believe the hype! solution&sa=D&source=docs&ust=1704928798804334&usg=AOvVaw2u0lgTauNMHEA6io8_p91

Grey Hydrogen:

Produced through traditional steam methane reforming (SMR) using natural gas, grey hydrogen emits carbon dioxide (CO2) as a by-product, making it less eco-friendly. The term “grey” stems from its association with carbon emissions.

Zero Carbon Hydrogen Australia does not support the production or consumption of grey hydrogen and is keen to work with industry to support them in a greener and more economically secure, renewable hydrogen future.

Pink Hydrogen:

Derived from nuclear energy through electrolysis, pink hydrogen is sometimes considered a subset of green hydrogen.

Nuclear energy is also not yet a viable solution for Australia’s sustainable future.

Read more about this in an article by The Canberra Times at:

Yellow Hydrogen:

Resulting from the gasification of biomass or other organic materials, yellow hydrogen is linked to the yellow colour of biomass.

White or Gold Hydrogen:

Also known as natural hydrogen, white or gold hydrogen forms naturally, distinct from hydrogen produced in labs or industries.

Turquoise Hydrogen:

Created through pyrolysis, involving high-temperature breakdown of methane, turquoise hydrogen offers a low-carbon option as the released carbon can be captured and utilised.

Australia is already positioning itself as a renewable energy superpower in the global green hydrogen market through technological investments and international partnerships.

Notables are the bilateral agreements with India and Japan – The Au-India H2 Taskforce and the Au-JP H2 Taskforce—which focus on collaborative goals for green hydrogen production and decarbonisation initiatives.

Through these agreements and its commitment to innovation, Australia is actively contributing to setting global standards for green hydrogen production.

Australia’s efforts are vital in ensuring a sustainable future and ensuring that it is a key player in the future of the global green hydrogen market.

On 2 August 2019, the Smart Energy Council and the Australian Association of Hydrogen Energy (AAHE) announced the formation of Zero Carbon Hydrogen Australia, a new force for advocacy and action to support the development of the emerging hydrogen industry in Australia.

At Zero Carbon Hydrogen Australia, we understand the significance of partnering with First Nation and Indigenous communities in the transition to clean energy. We recognise the importance of acknowledging their wisdom, culture, and rights as we embark on renewable energy projects on their lands. We have great admiration for their continued connection to country, land, sea and waterways.

The Voice to Parliament referendum presents us with an opportunity to walk alongside First Nations peoples towards a more inclusive and equitable future. It poses a fundamental question: should Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have the right to voice their concerns to the Parliament and Executive Government on matters that impact them directly?

We believe that we have a role to play in this journey towards healing, reconciliation, recognition, and equity.

Our commitment is to embrace the key principles set forth in the First Nations Clean Energy Network’s (FNCEN) Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Best Practice Principles for Clean Energy Projects. These principles include respectful engagement, transparent communication, cultural heritage preservation, equitable sharing of benefits, responsible land stewardship, and cultural competency.

We extend our support and encouragement to our industry members, networks and stakeholders to engage in thoughtful reflection and self-examination of our biases and assumptions. We are committed to upholding the principles of the Respectful Referendum Guidelines. We challenge ourselves and others to take this question seriously, arriving at an informed decision that we can proudly discuss with future generations.

At Zero Carbon Hydrogen Australia we support and endorse the ‘Yes’ vote in the Australian Voice to Parliament referendum, affirming our commitment to a more inclusive and representative democracy.


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Memberships & Events

Any enquiries regarding Zero Carbon Hydrogen Australia events, activities or membership should be directed to Scott Hamilton, Senior Advisor, Renewable Hydrogen on:, m: +61 467 848 948; Joanna Kay, General Manager, Zero Carbon Hydrogen Australia on, m: +61 0472 644 715; or Zoe Conlin-Williams, Intern,


Any enquiries regarding the Zero Carbon Hydrogen Australia advocacy program should be directed to Wayne Smith, Government Relations Manager on e:, or on m: +61 417 141 812.

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