| May 18, 2023

Zero Carbon Certification Announcement for Frontier Energy Renewable Hydrogen Project

The Smart Energy Council, through Zero Carbon Hydrogen Australia, is pleased to announce the pre-certification of Frontier Energy’s Bristol Springs Renewable Energy Project.

The pre-certification assesses all direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions associated with the Project’s production and storage of renewable hydrogen. 

Frontier Energy’s recent Definitive Feasibility Study confirmed the Bristol Springs Project will produce zero carbon renewable hydrogen. 

The Bristol Springs Renewable Energy Project becomes the third hydrogen project in Australia to achieve this pre-certification and directly aligns with the Federal Government’s commitment to implement the Guarantee of Origin (GO) Certificate scheme. 

“It is absolutely crucial that hydrogen projects are certified to prevent greenwashing,” said Smart Energy Council Chief Executive, John Grimes

“By awarding certification to projects that do the right thing, we can build a credible new industry based on transparency and set Australia up as a renewable hydrogen superpower.”

This announcement is a significant step for Frontier Energy, giving key consideration for offtakes and building confidence for project financing. 

Zero Carbon Hydrogen Australia General Manager, Joanna Kay, said the Bristol Springs Project has reached “A tremendous milestone.” 

“This is an industry-driven scheme that gives confidence to all stakeholders, including shareholders, financiers and off-takers alike that Frontier Energy will produce renewable hydrogen at the Bristol Springs Project. 

“Leadership from industry to secure early certification ensures that we are driving and building a strong renewable hydrogen economy here in Australia. 

“The Zero Carbon Certification Scheme is demonstrating global leadership and ensuring the quality production of renewable hydrogen.

Frontier Energy Managing Director, Sam Lee Moham, said “Frontier Energy is an advanced first mover in the Australian hydrogen industry.”

“Receiving zero carbon pre-certification is important for off-takers as well as construction financing for the project. 

“Having independent precertification of the origin and source of green hydrogen gives our stakeholders and shareholders confidence that the hydrogen produced at the Project is confirmed as 100% clean and made from 100% renewable energy.



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