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Smart Energy magazine is the flagship publication of the Smart Energy Council (formerly the Australian Solar Council and the Energy Storage Council). Smart Energy Magazine provides a unique technical and practical resource that delivers insights and analysis to the solar, energy storage, green hydrogen, renewables and smart energy industries. The magazine covers industry news and comment, technical guides and information making it a must read if you work in or are interested in smart energy and renewables.

Latest IssueS

Smart Energy 2022 issue 4 Dec 1 Cover 800PX

Summer 2022

Smart Actions - Plugging more renewables into the grid

In this issue...

  • Federal and state governments turbocharge renewables
  • Supersized targets and projects, and the SuperGrid
  • First Nations Clean Energy Network in action
  • Energy efficiency and consumption
  • Safeguard Mechanism and carbon offsets in the spotlight
  • Electrification of Everything, along with a storage target
  • Gearing up: EV sales and incentives
Smart Energy 2022 issue 3 SEPT cover 800PX

Spring 2022

Smart Transport: Australia's next energy revolution

In this issue...

  • Smart transport, smart move: the road to emissions-free driving
  • Momentum and direction under Labor’s emissions targets
  • NSW schools transformed under state rooftop PV program
  • Transmission systems impacting consumer bills
  • Capral’s low-carbon aluminium
  • Green hydrogen in Europe: first-hand observations

More about the magazine

A Snapshot of Smart Energy Magazine

Delving into cutting-edge developments from micro to large-scale renewables, and advocacy to commentary and everything in between, the magazine is created by and for the smart energy sector. It is designed for smart energy devotees. Smart Energy magazine is an essential read delivering the news, insights, and analysis on the solar, storage and smart energy industry.

Articles in Smart Energy magazine are written by industry specialists and product suppliers. Features covering solar and storage policy are also a regular inclusion, for example:​

Previous issues

Smart Energy 2022 issue 4 Dec 1 Cover 800PX
Summer 2022

Smart Actions – Plugging more renewables into the grid

Smart Energy 2022 issue 3 SEPT cover 800PX
Spring 2022

Smart Transport: Australia’s next energy revolution

Smart Energy 2022 issue 2 JUNE Cover final 800PX
Winter 2022

Victory at last: A new smart energy and climate action agenda

Smart Energy 2022 issue 1 MARCH Cover 800PX
Autumn 2022

Wind Power: Unlocking Australia’s Superpower Status

Smart Energy 2021 issue 4 DEC Cover 800px
Summer 2021

Electric Vehicles: A Real Game Changer

Smart Energy 2021 issue 3 SEPT COV 800PX
Spring 2021

A Smarter Future: Home Energy Generation

SmartEnergyWINTER2021 COVER 800PX
Winter 2021

Women in Solar and Smart Energy

Autumn 2021

100% by 2035: Accelerating Ambitions for Renewable Energy

Summer 2020

Electrifying everything with renewables

Spring 2020

Leaders Unite at Global Summit

Winter 2020

A Renewables-Led Recovery

smart energy 2020 issue 1 march cover a
Autumn 2020

Corporations turn to renewables

Summer 2019

500% Renewables

smartenergymag spring2019 issue thumbnail
Spring 2019

Great Expectations for Hydrogen

Winter 2019

Positive Solutions To Climate Change

smartenergymag issue1 mar2019 800h
Autumn 2019

Developing a 4GW Power Plant

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