Positive Quality
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The Positive Quality program plays a vital role in protecting consumers, resellers and distributors as well as the reputation of the solar energy industry.

The program is designed to ensure that:

  • Positive Quality solar modules have been tested in the manufacturing plant and meet high standards.
  • Only those companies that pass the most rigorous testing are awarded the Positive Quality trust mark.
  • Solar modules provide superior long-term performance in Australian conditions.
  • Peace of mind for consumers – that you are getting the performance, durability and quality you are paying for.

What do we Audit?

The audit is conducted in three stages:

  • Certificates audit
  • Factory audit
  • Photovoltaic module production verification audit

Certificates Audit

The audit sites and verifies documents and certificates such as:

  • Business License
  • Tax Registration Certificate
  • ISO 9000 Certificate
  • Applicable IEC Certificates
  • and Reports

We will also note if the company has any certifications above the minimum requirement that may be applicable.

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Factory Audit

The factory audit comprises a 100 point check that thoroughly checks and audits the following items:

  • Quality Assurance System
  • Incoming Materials Control
  • Production Process Control
  • Final Inspection and QA Testing
  • Devices and Equipment Control

Photovoltaic Module Verification Audit

This audit includes:

  • Appearance Audit
  • EL picture
  • IV test
  • Hi-Pot Test
  • Wet Leakage Current
  • Packaging
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What is Driving this Audit?​

The Australian solar PV market is widely known in China as an extremely price sensitive market.

There are strong commercial drivers for manufacturers to produce the lowest priced panels possible.

This leads to a serious temptation to substitute materials and cut corners with modules being produced for the Australian market.

As a customer, importer, or solar installer you cannot afford to be installing substandard solar panels.

Your Peace of Mind

By inspecting participating manufacturers on a random ongoing basis, through an exhaustive checklist conducted by independent professionals you can have peace of mind that Positive Quality™ solar panels will deliver as advertised.

The Positive Quality™ program GIVES CUSTOMERS ASSURANCE that they have selected a quality solar panel.

For additional information, reach out to Marianne Fang, Sales Manager. 

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Currently the solar PV module brand on the right has been successfully audited by independent experts at the Australian Smart Energy Council.

By buying this brand you can have peace of mind that you really are receiving what you are paying for.

The Positive Quality™ brand you should choose is:

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Positive Quality™ Empowering Solar Excellence

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Make a smart move. Get your business certified for Positive Quality.

Marianne Fang

Sales Manager