We are proud to be a powerful and active voice for solar, energy storage, smart energy and renewables in Australia.

The Smart Energy Council is the independent peak body for the renewables and smart energy industry. One of our core roles is to transition Australia to a sustainable future through smart advocacy on behalf of our members and the community.

We’re here to liberate. To fight and to win. To persistently challenge, disrupt the old, be proactive, to activate and accelerate your business. 

This is our vision. A safe climate will be delivered by building strong business and economic opportunities for Australia. Creating jobs, attracting economic investment, building a zero carbon export sector by tapping into the world’s cheapest renewable energy.  

We are smart and effective advocates, and we are on your side. We have a powerful and growing network ready to connect and promote your business.

Our job is to accelerate the shift. To advance your business. To drive a sustainable future.

We work on everything from developing strong standards, making sure we have the skilled workforce of the future, through to lobbying on behalf of individual members. 

We work collaboratively with all governments.  But, when needed, you can count on us to run the hard hitting campaigns that defend and protect our members and our industry.

Working with others, some previous landmark campaigns include:

  • 2011 – Stopped NSW State Government attempt to tear up solar feed in tariff contracts
  • 2014 – Stopped Federal Government attempt to abolish the Renewable Energy Target 
  • 2016 – Established and continued management of the ACT Renewables Hub in partnership with the territory government
  • 2019 – Contribution to fixing Victorian Government Solar Homes Program 
  • 2020 – Contribution to amendments made to solar battery standard
  • 2020 – Contribution to fixing Victorian Government constrained solar battery rebates
  • 2020 – Getting Victorian solar workers safely back to work after lockdown
  • 2020 – Launch of world leading Zero Carbon Certification Scheme
  • 2021 – Stopped Federal Government attempt to abolish the Australian Renewable Energy Agency and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation 
  • 2022 – Oversaw the world’s first certification of a Green Ammonia Plant in the Pilbara, a Yara and Engie collaboration
  • 2022 – Buried #CoalKeeper and saw the Capacity Investment Mechanism brought to life
  • 2022 – The Smart Energy Council welcomes a partnership with Rewiring Australia, advancing a shared plan of electrifying everything

We also helped develop and deliver strong renewable energy policies and targets in the ACT, New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria, and have made major contributions to public debate through the Global Smart Energy Summit, State and National Smart Energy Summits and regular media appearances.

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