Solar Panel Recycling Pilot

The Smart Energy Council, in partnership with the Queensland Government and The Activ Group, is launching a solar panel recovery and recycling scheme.


The Solar Stewardship Scheme was announced by Queensland Energy Minister Mick de Brenni MP and Environment Minister Meaghan Scanlon MP at Planet Ark Power in March 2023.

Queensland has some of the highest rooftop solar penetration in the country, it’s critical we explore how solar panels are dealt with as they reach the end of their life. 

Queensland is not only the sunshine state, it’s the solar state and will soon be the solar recycling state.

The two-stage pilot will be led by the Smart Energy Council, and the Activ Group, a circular economy and stewardship leader.

A Circular Economy

The Queensland Government is determining whether solar panels should be banned from landfill dumps, a draft e-products strategy could see the ban in place before the end of the decade. 

A solar panel recycling scheme is essential to a renewable energy backed economy, where energy generation is sustainable in itself. 

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STAGE #1: March to Mid-2023 

Focused on the design, stakeholder engagement and modelling across a mix of locations, to gain data and insights that will inform a solution at scale. 


STAGE #2: Mid-2023 beyond

Stage two will be the implementation of the pilot, with the on-ground collection, recovery, and processing of panels, focusing on rooftop installations.



The Smart Energy Council will establish a Solar Stewardship Scheme Consultative Committee, including:

  • Solar PV manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Retailers
  • Installers and certificate traders
  • Recycling companies
  • Regulators
  • Local councils 
  • Queensland Government representatives


The committee will meet regularly during the trial period to share advice, data and learnings to help inform a possible future Solar Stewardship Scheme.

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