| February 9, 2024

John & Wayne's Power Politics

This is a recording of the John & Wayne’s Power Politics webinar, brought to you by the the Smart Energy Council and held on 8 February 2024, with special guest Minister Chris Bowen.

Notable insights and highlights:

  • The Consumer Energy Roadmap is under development for presentation to state Energy Ministers in March. “It’s about tackling distributed CER and getting it right,” Minister Bowen said. John pointed out that rooftop solar was already carrying a large generation load — and further capacity could be deployed tomorrow, “with no planning and construction delays. When coupled with battery storage for time shifting, CER reduces energy costs for everyone by reducing peak demand.”
  • The Capacity Investment Scheme is proceeding apace, with first auctions concluded in NSW, currently progressing in VIC and SA and national auctions due in April. “An important corollary will be state-by-state RETA (renewable energy transition agreement) to ensure successful projects don’t get stuck in state planning processes,” Mr Bowen said.
  • Vehicle Emission Standards, something Smart Energy Council has loudly advocated for, are out for consultation. Promoting fuel efficiency was not only about driving electric vehicles – reduced oil consumption in ICE vehicles also brings strong economic and environmental benefits.
  • Colourful discussion about this week’s rally against renewables in Canberra, led by Nationals politicians. Ongoing debate highlighted the real social licence challenges still faced by large-scale wind, solar and transmission projects. The Minister highlighted the recent review by Andrew Dyer as “all about better consultation with communities who have genuine concerns”.


Brace yourself for another exciting, vital year in energy policy!





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