| November 30, 2023

Opportunities in the Transition to All-Electric Homes

This is a recording of the Opportunities in the Transition to All-Electric Homes webinar, brought to you by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) and held on 30 November 2023.


In this webinar ‘Opportunities in the Transition to All-Electric Homes’ we’ll empower forward-thinking businesses at the forefront of electrification with the latest insights on the rapid pace of home electrification and the opportunities for growth.



Electrification Outlook (Jay Gordon):

Understand the macro trends that make residential electrification at scale a compelling policy option for Australian governments, as alternatives like biomethane, hydrogen, and fossil gas via distribution networks grapple with cost and emissions challenges.
Hear from the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) on their recent report: Managing the Transition to All-electric Homes.
Understand the potential scale-up of electric appliance installations that is needed to support this transition, and the opportunity it presents to industry. Hear about international case studies that offer lessons for Australia’s electrification transition.

Smart Electrification (Dr. Gabrielle Kuiper):

It will be key for electrified loads to be efficient and smart, to deliver benefits to consumers and the grid. Learn how key electric household appliances, like hot water and EVs, can introduce flexibility into the system and drive benefits for both consumers and the broader grid. Understand how smart electrification plays into household energy financial considerations.

Electrification Opportunities for Energy Businesses (Dayne Thompson):

Understand the opportunities for energy businesses to be part of efficient residential electrification, by upgrading houses to heat pumps for space heating/cooling and electric hot water, installing EV chargers and battery energy storage systems alongside rooftop solar PV.
Seize the opportunity for your business to thrive by supporting electrification.


Thank you to our wonderful speakers: Johanna Bowyer, Jay Gordon, Dr Gabrielle Kuiper & Dayne Johnson




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