| March 20, 2024

Running out of Roofs - Exploring BIPV Applications

Unlock the full potential of your home with our webinar, where industry leaders converge to explore groundbreaking Solar Patio and Solar EV Carport technologies. Moderated by John Grime, President of the Smart Energy Council, this session promises valuable insights that will reshape your perspective on integrated solar solutions.

Meet our distinguished speakers:
  • Apollo Chai, International Business Development Director of GoodWe BIPV products, sharing insights on GoodWe BIPV & C&I Applications.
  • Warwick Johnston, Managing Director of Sunwiz, delving into the analysis and future trends of the Australian market.
  • Glen Morris, General Manager of Smart Energy Lab, sharing experiences from the installer’s perspective.


In this insightful session, discover how Solar Patio and Solar EV Carport technologies seamlessly integrate with existing PV systems, delivering unprecedented value. Gain insider knowledge on the key factors homeowners should consider before investing in solar patios and hear about impactful projects already changing the game.


Please enjoy the recording below:





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