| December 3, 2021

Solplanet new inverter ASW S Series 6-10kW - Small but Powerful

Solplanet is continuously extending our expertise and know-how in the development of leading-edge inverters . Consequently, we can also improve our products‘ value for you as our customer. Our latest development is the new product—ASW S Series 6-10kw, single phase string inverter. This series of inverters are highly efficient, easy to install, reliable and user friendly. It is lighter and smaller but carries more power.

Main user benefits of ASW S Series 6-10kw are,

High Efficiency

  • 3MPPTs, reduce string mismatch, boost generation
  • High efficiency on DC/AC conversion, increase system output, more returns for customer
  • Intelligent O/M, multi-layer management


Easy To Install

  • Light weight, higher power density
  • Plug and play without opening lid and wiring.
  • Toolless DC connection via Phoenix Contact connectors, reduce DC arcing



  • IP66 ingress protection suitable for outdoor use
  • No wearing parts, low failure rate
  • DC reverse polarity protection, avoid potential safety hazards
  • Low noise emission, care for user’s health


User Friendly

  • 3Mppts for more flexible PV array design on multiple orientation roof
  • Maximum 16A input string current (Imp), compatible with different high power modules
  • Feature rich APP & Cloud, anytime anywhere to monitoring your system


Solplanet provides customers with from 1 to 10kw single phase residential inverter and solution to satisfy their needs in different scenarios. We do believe that our inverters outstanding performance will continuously drive the process towards green and smart energy, while offering more choices for the local market.

All Solplanet inverters offer 10 year full warranty in the Aus market


About Solplanet

Solplanet is a brand of AISWEI, which has been manufacturing inverters since 2007. AISWEI, also formerly known as SMA’s Chinese subsidiary, successfully manufactured high-quality and reliable products for renowned brands like SMA since 2017 and Zeversolar since 2013. Today AISWEI is an independent research, development and manufacturing company. A recent equity restructuring puts AISWEI on a particularly strong financial footing within the industry.

Solplanet has operations in Asia, Europe, South America, Middle East as well as Australia and New Zealand

For further information, samples or technical support don‘t hesitate to contact us at our Melbourne office on 0390988673



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