| August 7, 2023

One Millionth 440 Watt JinkoSolar module shipped to Australia

Australia’s leading supplier of rooftop panels reaches massive milestone with flagship 440 watt power class.

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BUNBURY:- JinkoSolar, one of the largest and most innovative solar module manufacturers in the world, today announced that it has shipped one million 440 watt panels to Australia, across their range of Tiger Neo, Tiger Neo Satin and Tiger Pro modules.  This achievement confirms that more people than ever before are going solar and saving money.


Nominated for an Australian Good Design award, the popular JinkoSolar Tiger Neo 440 series has earned the trust of homeowners, installers and subject matter experts across the sunburnt country due to its proven performance and reliability.  Based on market leading TopCon N type technology, the Tiger Neo 440 watt panels are compact and efficient in the use of space which in turn opens the door to install more power on typical homes, helping more Aussies to go solar. These N type panels also bring peace of mind, as investments in Tiger Neo 440 watt panels are underpinned by the class-leading 25 year product warranty. Reliable and cost-effective, the N type solar technology is fundamentally superior to the older P type panels in terms of performance in hot environments, output in low-light conditions, and over the long term.


Australian based PV engineer at JinkoSolar Thomas Bywater shared ” the success of Tiger Neo in the local market is down to product development feedback from our Aussie installer network, who are the leaders in the field worldwide.”  Australian installers are some of the most experienced in the world, so their input is critical to new product development. JinkoSolar installers actively provide feedback to the manufacturer through committed local distributors, and JinkoSolar is responsive in designing and selecting products specifically for Australia.


Commenting on the milestone, Head of Australia for JinkoSolar Mr Bright Wang emphasised ” JinkoSolar has enjoyed working with Australian customers and installers across the last decade, and as an important market for Jinko, JinkoSolar looks forward to helping Australia win the climate change battle as we head to 2030.”   JinkoSolar is an RE100 member and signatory of the UN Global Compact, and as such is well placed to support industry and government in reaching renewable energy goals.


JinkoSolar’s success with 440 watt panels in the Australian market comes as no surprise, since the local subsidiary has operations and distributors throughout the country and has a long history of supporting local industry training events whilst simultaneously engaging with Australian universities in field research and product licensing & development.


About JinkoSolar Australia 

JinkoSolar Australia, established in 2011 is a long-term supplier of solar modules to the Australia & New Zealand region. Warehouses nationwide ensure consistent supply, whilst a team of engineers, electricians and managers operate support centres in three states. Headquartered in Parramatta, JinkoSolar Australia is amongst the most capable and experienced suppliers to the Australian PV market.




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