| September 18, 2020

Solar Victoria Installer Modules 1-4

Common safety-related faults in PV system

With the support of Solar Victoria, the Smart Energy Council is proud to present this special, free training opportunity for solar installers based in Victoria.

Join live on Friday 11th & Saturday 12th September, or catch it later on demand. 15 CPD Points per module, 60 CPD points for all 4 module.

Avoiding Common Solar Installation Errors 

First, we analysed the common faults found in the Victorian government solar audit and inspection process,  errors being made in real world installations.

Next, trainer and industry leader Geoff Bragg put together 4 modules that outline each error and how to avoid it.

This training covers the common mistakes and how to avoid them.

This is the perfect professional refresher while in lock down, and an important investment in your professional brand.

Get ready for a return to work with this important refresher course.


Module 1: How to get it right: DC connectors, array cabling, roof penetrations, conduits & tile brackets



Module 2: Common mistakes with Earth bonds & continuity, WEEBs & rail joiners. Selecting & installing DC Isolators & avoiding water ingress to enclosures.



Module 3: Errors with mounting panels, inverters & signage: Clamp zones, exclusion zones, IP ratings, cable segregation, RCDs, String fusing. How to calculate Voc max and get the Fire information sign correct.



Module 4: Other mistakes to avoid, and some tips at commissioning with testing for safety & functionality: String checks, voltage rise, earth fault alarms, CTs & export limiting.




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