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SunEnergy Company Pty Ltd


Solar Energy
Energy Storage
Energy Management, Automation & Efficiency
Hybrid/Enabling Technologies


88 Fullarton Road, Norwood SA 5067
1800 786 765


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We’re about empowering Australians.
By that we mean giving all Aussie home owners and businesses, an affordable, efficient, sustainable and long-term solution to combat spiraling energy costs. It’s a win-win. Investing in SunEnergy solar puts control of energy bills back into the hands of Australians plus, at the same time, it’s helping them to protect the environment for their family, wider communities and our planet.

100%, we’re a quality company.
SunEnergy partners with industry leaders known for their technology, quality and after sale service. From industry-leading quality tech across Panels, Inverters and Batteries, you’re empowered by online App or PC monitoring with real-time fault alerts. Plus accredited local installation with technical support, online and onsite. Learn more about SunEnergy at