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SolarHub has now helped over 8000 customers reduce their power bills throughout ACT, NSW, Victoria, and Sydney. We believe in helping you generate your own energy, to store that energy so you can use it when you need most and to assist you optimise how your energy is used in your home or business.

Starting out as brokers in the industry, we were given the unique opportunity to see how the solar market operated- and how much conflicting advice was being given by numerous different parties, leaving us wanting to change it. So we did.

The process we implemented was simple- we look after our customers through the whole experience, start to finish. From the first enquiry about how solar works, to customising the perfect system, installation of their system, and then providing optimisation technologies and strategies. We commit to helping our customers understand and reach their energy goals.

Now, with over 7 years of solar experience and over 7000 installs, we can navigate through today’s market to uncover the best technologies, and help our customers get great results.