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440 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000
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Omnidian is your partner for growth

We provide post-installation customer service for residential solar and storage systems.

A dedicated team of service professionals

Our onshore team of solar experts are dedicasted to customer service. We don't sell solar system. We don't install solar system. We fix broken solar (and strorage) systems. That's our 100% focus.

Empowered by world-class technology

We provide our team with our propriety software, enabling them to identify and fix problems quickly. It works with (almost) any combination of inverter, panels and storage.

Delivering great service and more sales

We deliver 5-star reviews for your business, leading to increased sales from new and existing customers.

Resulting in a healthier balance sheet

Bundling Omnidian with new sales increases revenue and delivers a big cash-flow benefit. Outsourcing maintenance obligations to Omnidian is typically cash-flow positive.