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Founded in 2004, HINEN Group, a dynamic enterprise, made its debut on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in China (stock code 300787) in 2019. The company's diverse product portfolio spans consumer electronics and residential energy storage solutions.

Under its subsidiary, HINEN New Energy, the group focuses on providing renewable and optimized energy solutions tailored for outdoor activities, residential use, and off-grid living. This subsidiary primarily concentrates on the research, development, and international sales of residential energy storage systems, hybrid solar inverters, portable power stations, and battery packs, reinforcing its commitment to sustainable energy technologies.

Committed to advancing technology and product development, HINEN boasts a skilled R&D team that independently and creatively delivers robust and reliable products. These products feature cutting-edge technologies like Bidirectional Inversion Algorithm, Battery Management System (BMS), Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Algorithm, and a Cloud Monitoring Platform.

HINEN's laboratory has been recognized for its excellence in research, testing, and quality control, as evidenced by receiving the prestigious SGS Accredited Laboratory Certificate, representing a significant achievement in HINEN's commitment to high standards.