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BOOMPower Pty Ltd


Energy Management, Automation & Efficiency


Geelong West, Victoria


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The BOOM Platform simplifies building electrification. It provides you with the tools needed to evaluate options, engage suppliers, track, and report on decarbonisation, end-to-end.

The BOOM Marketplace connects you to suppliers, installers, consulting advice, broking, and financing options.

Over $100 million in solar, battery, and electrification projects have been directly and successfully supported and enabled by the BOOM team. BOOM customers manage over 30,000 buildings, with the platform supporting electrification programs across decades-long timeframes.

To support and enable data-driven Net Zero plans, the BOOM platform leverages its team's unique abilities and expertise in data science, neuroscience, energy economics, project management, and procurement. Specifically designed to support and accelerate aggregated multi-site property portfolios' journey to all-electric buildings.