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Solar Energy




5B is a clean technology powerhouse that accelerates access to low-cost, safely deployed, gigawatt-scale solar energy.  We are transforming solar technologies to realise our vision of a world where abundant, accessible, and affordable power from the sun meets all our energy needs.

From our corporate headquarters in Sydney we have scaled rapidly to a team of over 200 employees globally with offices in the US, Chile, and India.

Our 5B Global HQ features R&D, advanced manufacturing, deployment and testing facilities. We also have a regional office in Darwin with manufacturing, training and testing facilities, and manufacturing and testing at our 5B Industries facility in Adelaide.

5B is focused on delivering solar solutions which are safer, faster, lower-cost, lower-risk and more energy dense than with conventional fixed tilt and single axis tracking solar technologies. 5B has a strong track record of  commercialising and licensing innovative solar solutions over the past five years, with 33 MW deployed globally.

Our name 5B, is a reference to the almost infinite amount of energy potential in the 5 billion years of sunshine the earth has left, and is intended to provoke the question ‘How will we use it?’