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  • Kayle Everett
  • Marketing Manager


5B is an innovative solar technology business, founded in 2013 by solar engineers, Chris McGrath and Eden Tehan.

The name, 5B, is a constant reminder of the 5 billion years of sunshine we have left and motivates their team to strive for the simplest, most effective ways to leverage this resource.

5B seeks to transform the world’s energy sources by delivering world-class technology, that makes clean energy more competitive and accessible than ever before. How? By making the delivery of solar projects lower cost, faster and smarter.

Through their flagship technology, MAVERICK, 5B has re-engineered the solar supply chain from the ground up. Essentially, MAVERICK is a pre-wired, prefabricated solar block, that is folded up, packed onto a truck, shipped to site, and deployed in less than a day.

Solar projects can be delivered up to 10 x faster, at a lower cost per kWp, with reduced risk and simplified logistics. What is more, the system is fully redeployable.

5B’s technology development takes place in their international headquarters, located in Sydney, Australia.

5B’s mass production and deployment services are available worldwide, via their ecosystem framework and platform.