| May 15, 2022

Statement on Incorrect Reports in News Ltd media

The Australian and Sky News have published reports on the distribution of election material by staff employed under a contract arranged by smartvoting.com.au.

The reports contain a number of assertions which are factually incorrect and damaging to the reputation of the Smart Energy Council.

The media concerned were advised of the correct situation prior to publication and broadcast.

The statement ‘. . . employees of a marketing company campaigning on behalf of the Simon Holmes a Court-linked Smart Energy Council’ is incorrect.

The pre-poll workers were employed by a company engaged by Smart Voting Pty Ltd to hand out election material in a number of electorates and there is no affiliation with the Smart Energy Council.

Simon Holmes à Court is not connected to Smart Voting Pty Ltd. It is a private company registered with the AEC as an “Interested Party”.

The Smart Energy Council abides by all applicable law and will continue to do so.



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