| March 18, 2023

Smart Energy Delegation visits Pollinate program in 20K solar light push

The Smart Energy Council’s India Delegation social partner, Pollinate Group, is set to achieve their target of delivering 20,000 solar lights to households experiencing energy poverty.

Raising $1 million AUD, the solar light installation project will brighten the homes of 112,000 people and save 104,680 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide emissions per year – netting each customer roughly $100 AUD per year in savings.

“Our model identifies, onboards and trains marginalised women empowering them to become successful entrepreneurs whom we call Suryamukhis or sunflowers,” said Pollinate Group CEO Sujatha Ramani.

“Once a woman sets up these products in her home, she becomes an environmental change agent, by further distributing clean energy products replacing plastic and kerosene that are used for lighting and cooking.

For those living in extreme poverty, kerosene is an increasingly expensive fuel and its impact on health is long-term, causing respiratory and cardiovascular conditions.

Members of the Smart Energy Council’s Delegation to India were able to visit communities in Bengalaru that are succeeding in alleviating energy poverty through entrepreneurship.

“We’re proud that our social partner for this delegation has achieved such a massive goal – delivering huge savings to communities – and to the planet,” said Smart Energy Council CEO John Grimes.





“This is simply grassroots smart energy in action.

“The solar lighting project is a shining example of how Polllinate Group empowers lives, sustainably, an approach that sees communities revolutionised by identifying and training marginalised women to become successful entrepreneurs.

“That’s what has made this entire delegation to India so rewarding, propelling global change through the world’s biggest renewable projects, and sweeping social change driven by organisations like Pollinate Group.

Thanks to the generosity of a major supporter and members of the Smart Energy India Delegation, Pollinate Group is on track to distribute the solar lights to marginalised communities across India by June.

We highly encourage you to get behind and support the Pollinate Group on their mission of empowering lives, sustainably. All donations over 2$ are tax deductible*.

To donate and lear more, please go to pollinategroup.org/donate/




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