| May 17, 2021

RE100 signatory JinkoSolar launched Tiger 370W N-type panel at Smart Energy 2021

SYDNEY, May 13th, 2021 — JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. (the “Company” or “JinkoSolar”) (NYSE:JKS), one of the largest and most innovative solar module manufacturers in the world, today announced that it was invited to participate in the panel discussion “Corporate Leadership: Getting On With Business” at 2021 Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition Australia. Leading Australian businesses such as Woolworths, NAB and Sunmetals have joined JinkoSolar in signing up to source all of their energy needs from renewable energy in the near term.  As part of JinkoSolar’s commitment, JinkoSolar is installing additional solar modules at factory sites, locating new factories in areas with hydro and wind supply, and introducing more efficient solar modules.

Jinko showcased modules from the Tiger N Expert Series, including the innovative 370W Tiger N-type which offers 28% freight savings compared to an average 400 Watt panel. The Tiger N-Type Expert Series includes 390 watt and 370 watt panels with longer product warranties. The all black 390 watt offers a 25 year product warranty and its smaller sibling, the Tiger N 370 watt, features a 20 year product warranty. Compared to p-type solar cell, the fundamental property of N-type lays in the fact that it does not suffer from any sort of light induced degradation, due to a fundamentally different process used to construct the cells. N-type technology contributes significantly in optimising the efficiency of the modules, making Tiger 370N reach the highest power class achievable for a 60-cell and 163-wafer size module. The 370W module uses also TR technology, which increases module efficiency considerably by eliminating the inter-cell gap. Moreover, the innovation of circular buswire (instead of flat ribbon busbar) increases light yield and enhances reliability.


Thomas Bywater, Head of Australia DG Market, speaking on behalf of JinkoSolar, said “If your business is a RE100 signatory, it makes sense to choose panels from fellow RE100 signatory JinkoSolar to build momentum for the RE100 push as a whole.”

JinkoSolar is committed to constantly improving environmental outcomes across the value chain, not just directly through the RE100 intiative, but also through measures like reducing water use in production, and increasing the watts-per-square-metre through technical innovation. The TopCon 2.0 technology in Tiger N is part of this innovation, with JinkoSolar being the first SuperLeague member to seriously bring N type modules to Australia.


Australia GM, Mr Bright Wang shared, “The Tiger N product line represents the best value N type on the market today, which is why our 2 offerings have class leading product warranties.”


The N type panels are immediately available in Australia from leading distributors.




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