| July 22, 2021

Innovation Award Finalists Renewable Energy Solution for Gold Road Resources Yamarna

Unlimited Energy Australia are proud to be finalists in THE SMARTER E AWARDS 2021 Outstanding Project category. The panel of experts have selected our project for Gold Road  Resources Yamarna exploration camp as a finalist for the award. 

The international SMARTER E AWARD champions the energy game-changers, paying tribute  to innovative solutions and technologies that provide an intelligent, sustainable, and cost effective energy supply.  

As a finalist our project for Gold Road Resources has been identified as exemplary for global  future applications, innovative in its design and of both economic and environmental  benefit. Our project comprises the design and delivery of a renewable energy hub (solar PV array and Tesvolt energy storage system) for the remote off-grid Yamarna exploration camp located 1200km north-east of Perth. The energy hub is scalable, modular, and re-deployable  allowing it to be easily expanded or moved, once exploration is complete, to a new site  providing benefits over its full-service life.  

The PV array has been uniquely designed to be surface mounted (there are no permanent footings installed onsite). It incorporates unique ballast trays that don’t require any drilling  or concrete, enabling system relocation when needed. Our PV mounting system reduces the footprint of the array as well as providing significant transport and installation cost savings  when compared to the conventional pole mounted solar installations.

The battery storage energy hub has also been custom designed to also provide an innovative mobile solution for easy transportation to future projects. The use of a Tesvolt battery storage system ensures the system can balance the site loads and meet future energy supply requirements as these systems are modular and scalable. 

These innovations have been designed to overcome the limitations of traditional renewable  energy infrastructure in the mining sector specifically. In temporary applications, such as the Yamarna exploration camp, the re-deployability provides an excellent value proposition as it negates the risks of investing in significant infrastructure during the early cycles of mine  development and meets the need for flexibility especially during the exploration stages. 

The project demonstrates that renewable energy in mining can be both economically and  operationally viable. 

You can find our project in the SMARTER E AWARD Hall of Fame 

For more detailed information about our Gold Road Resources Yamarna project here 

The Award Ceremony will be held virtually this year on 21 July 2021, winners will be announced on this date.


About Unlimited Energy Australia 

The team at Unlimited Energy Australia are experts in providing innovative renewable energy solutions across all sectors, delivering capital and operational cost savings for clients. From remote mining operations, agricultural farming to commercial hubs, we design unique, reliable, turnkey solutions for our client’s distinctive energy infrastructure needs. We are passionate about helping businesses transition to clean energy and meet their sustainability and net zero emissions targets. Utilising our local expertise in this area we deliver cost-effective, efficient, proven solutions and advice. 

We provide a complete service: design, engineering, procurement, project management, installation, and commissioning. Our expert team add value each step of the way by applying a systematic approach to determine project viability, financing models, specialist system engineering and risk-free turnkey solution integration.

Designed in Western Australia our solutions are made specifically to withstand the most demanding conditions. 

We are proud that our renewable energy solutions have been recognised through several awards; demonstrating our passion for innovation, pioneering approach and the uniqueness of the solutions we deliver to meet our clients often complex energy requirements.


Contact Information 

Web: www.unlimited-energy.com.au 

Phone: 1300 765 007 

Email: info@unlimited-energy.com.au



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