| September 9, 2020

GoodWe listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange - IPO Paves the Way for GoodWe’s Future Growth Strategy

On the 4th of September 2020, Friday morning, the famous gong in the Grand Hall of the Shanghai

Stock Exchange sounded in honor of the Initial Public Offering of GoodWe who is now officially listed as a public limited company. The shares began trading on the Shanghai Stock Market on 04
September under stock code 688390.

Following its IPO, GoodWe’s Board of Executive Directors outlined the pillars of its Future Business Strategy:

Leader in Storage
In 2020, GoodWe launched its SMART HOME solution, designed to give users maximum choice and flexibility. Further improvements in inverter technology and battery compatibility are expected in 2021 and 2022. GoodWe will continue to lead research efforts in SEMS energy applications to enable owners to benefit from timely automated energy choices based on real-time operating conditions and maximize use of clean energy.

Pioneer of Global-Local Strategies
The company has already implemented plans to expand its global reach with office premises in every major market while also increasing its localised presence to guarantee efficiency and quality of
service worldwide. GoodWe has invested 160 million RMB in a new production line in its Guangde plant to match the growing demand from international markets and cater to the needs of each individual market in which the company operates.

Strength in Innovation & Development
Over 200 million RMB will be invested in a brand new Smart Energy R&D building that will focus on developing cutting-edge technology.

Strength in Utility
The IPO marks GoodWe’s transition to a global multinational company backed by international investors and a trusted partner for utility-scale projects, where financial readiness is a key component. On top of that, the new HT Series, with a current capacity of 100-136 kW will see new versions released up to 250 kW from 2021 . GoodWe is committed to contributing to the development of PV technology and its recent IPO is a key event that is going to accelerate that process.

For more information and a complete GoodWe IPO Press Release, please Click here.



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