| January 12, 2021

Australian Smart Energy Council and German Energy Agency Announce Renewable Hydrogen Partnership

The Australian Smart Energy Council and the German Energy Agency (dena) have announced an historic agreement to work together on the development and certification of renewable hydrogen, renewable ammonia and other renewable hydrogen based fuels and materials.

The two organisations have agreed to:

  • cooperate in the international partner network of the Global Alliance Powerfuels to foster the development of carbon neutral powerfuels;
  • cooperate on certification and guarantees of origin schemes for the international trade of renewable hydrogen;
  • identify barriers and opportunities to accelerate the development and deployment of renewable hydrogen and other zero-carbon emission powerfuels; and
  • identify renewable hydrogen supply chain investment opportunities for the trade between Australia and Germany, respective the EU.

The Chief Executive of the Smart Energy Council, John Grimes, said: “The Smart Energy Council, through its Zero Carbon Hydrogen Australia division, is delighted to be partnering with the German Energy Agency on the development and certification of renewable hydrogen, renewable ammonia and carbon neutral powerfuels. These fuels are critical to building a prosperous, zero carbon economy.”

Andreas Kuhlmann, CEO of dena and spokesman for the Global Alliance Powerfuels, said: “dena welcomes our partnership with the Australian Smart Energy Council. International partnerships are key to tackling climate change and the attainment of our joint energy objectives.”

The Smart Energy Council is the peak national body for the Australian solar, energy storage and renewable hydrogen industry. The Smart Energy Council is developing a national, industry-led Zero Carbon Certification Scheme.

The German Energy Agency (dena) is Germany’s centre of expertise for energy efficiency, renewable energy and intelligent energy systems.

Read more about the partnership in RenewEconomy here: https://reneweconomy.com.au/smart-energy-council-secures-international-partner-for-green-hydrogen-certification-scheme/

Read more about the launch of the Certification Scheme: https://www.smartenergy.org.au/news/breaking-news-smart-energy-council-launches-zero-carbon-certification-scheme

For more information about Zero Carbon Hydrogen Australia visit: https://www.smartenergy.org.au/zero-carbon-hydrogen-australia



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