| December 8, 2022

Breaking News: Landmark day for renewable energy and renewable energy storage – Energy Ministers sign off on new national plan

Today is a landmark day for renewable energy and renewable energy storage.

After nine long years of inaction on climate change and renewables, we finally have a national plan for renewable energy generation and storage – a plan that will take us to 82% renewables and beyond.

Federal, State and Territory Energy Ministers today endorsed a Renewable Energy Storage Target and a new national scheme for dispatchable renewable energy generation and storage. This scheme is based on extensive work undertaken by the Smart Energy Council.

The Smart Energy Council congratulates Federal Energy Minister, Chris Bowen, and his State and Territory colleagues on their extraordinary leadership.

The Smart Energy Council looks forward to working with all governments on the implementation of the Capacity Investment Mechanism and calls on all governments to now turn their attention to the development and implementation of a national Small-scale Renewable Energy Storage Scheme.

This result could not have been achieved without the support of Smart Energy Council members and particular thanks must go to:

  • Lara Panjkov from Fluence Energy;
  • Jonathon Upson from Tilt Renewables;
  • Stephanie Bashir from Nexus Energy; 
  • Allison Hawke; and
  • The Smart Energy Council’s Connor Woulfe.


The Smart Energy Council also thanks the Clean Energy Investor Group and Climate Action Network Australia (CANA) for their strong support for the Renewable Energy Storage Acceleration Scheme. Together, we have demonstrated good policy can be good politics.

The Smart Energy Council’s Renewable Energy Storage Acceleration Scheme proposal can be found here. The Smart Energy Council’s comprehensive report on Unleashing Renewable Energy Storage can be found here.



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