| June 1, 2023

Strong Fuel Efficiency Standards Submission

The Smart Energy Council is campaigning for strong fuel efficiency standards that are better for the climate and the hip-pocket.

Fuel efficiency standards will reduce the cost of living by saving motorists money, increase the uptake and availability of electric vehicles, lower fuel use and carbon emissions and drive efficiency improvements in the vehicle fleet.

Any further delays to implementing strong fuel efficiency standards will lock Australians into substantially higher fuel costs and carbon emissions. There is no time to waste. Australia needs strong fuel efficiency standards now.

We are urging the Federal Government to introduce fuel efficiency standards that are:

  • Legislated by the end of 2023 and in force by 1st January 2025.
  • Strong and ambitious; Align with Australia’s emissions reductions commitments and catch Australia up to the standards set in other car markets.
  • Independent and robust; Avoid loopholes and make emissions data publicly available and robust.
  • Accompanied by a smart transport strategy to encourage a shift to active and public transport, decarbonise freight, heavy vehicles and non-road transport and accelerate the local electric vehicle, battery charging and component part industry.

For more details, read our full submissions below.


Federal Climate Change and Energy Minister Chris Bowen MP said “We had many submissions on the need for fuel efficiency standards… only one or two had any real thoughts about how we should design them.”

On May 31, submissions to the Federal Government’s Fuel Efficiency Standards Consultation Paper closed.

Our submission, along with many others, is a thoroughly detailed call for strong standards – this must be the final consultation before adopting robust standards in Australia.

Strong standards will bring more efficient vehicles to Australia and save motorists up to $875 a year in fuel costs.

While Fuel Efficiency Standards will be a key driver for fuel price savings and wider access to modern vehicles, there are key measures needed to uplift Australia’s smart transport industry. 

Read our submission below, download here.



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