| December 3, 2020

BREAKING NEWS: Smart Energy Council launches Zero Carbon Certification Scheme

The Zero Carbon Certification Scheme will be an industry-led Guarantee of Origin style scheme which will help accelerate the development and deployment of renewable hydrogen, green ammonia and green metals in Australia and around the world.


The Zero Carbon Certification Scheme will assess the embedded carbon in participating hydrogen, ammonia and metals produced within Australia for domestic and export purposes. Check out this article in RenewEconomy today.

This critically important, industry-led initiative will be driven by Zero Carbon Hydrogen Australia (a Division of the Smart Energy Council). We will be cognisant of the Australian Government’s work as part of the National Hydrogen Strategy and will complement research work being undertaken in Australian universities, as well as relevant international certification work.

A Guarantee of Origin is a certificate instrument that labels the origin of a product and provides information to customers on the source of their products and how they are made.

The Zero Carbon Certification Scheme will certify the renewable hydrogen, green ammonia or green metal has been made from renewable energy sources, and provide an embedded carbon rating. It will operate as a tracking system ensuring the product quality and the greenhouse gas emissions (if any) associated with its production.


You can read an overview of the scheme here. Hear more about the launch of the Zero Carbon Hydrogen Australia Certification Scheme, and what certification means for Australia in an international context at our webinar next Monday 7 Dec from 2:00pm – Register here.


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Here’s what industry leaders are saying:


Andrew Dickson, Senior Business Development Manager at the Asian Renewable Energy Hub (Australia’s globally significant renewable energy project):


“Certification is the essential building block for the export of new zero carbon products including hydrogen, ammonia and steel. Our customers want to know how much carbon is embedded into the products they are buying, and how and where they are produced.”


Dr Attilio Pigneri, Founder and CEO of H2U – the Hydrogen Utility:


“As a pure-play green hydrogen business, and the leading developer of hydrogen infrastructure initiatives powered by renewable energy in Australia, H2U welcomes the ambition of a certification scheme exclusively dedicated to hydrogen generated from renewable resources and its applications in the energy, chemical and industrial markets.”


“Through its portfolio of industrial-scale and export class green hydrogen and green ammonia initiatives H2U works with renewable energy partners, trading partners and end-users to integrate full value-chain reporting solutions that align with established, best-practice reporting, monitoring and verification protocols.” said Dr Pigneri.


“H2U looks forward to contribute the wealth of knowledge and real-world expertise it holds in these areas to ensure the scheme proposed by Zero Carbon Hydrogen Australia can be designed to meet the requirements for accountability, integrity and traceability that will be critical to the success of the growing market for renewable hydrogen.”


Contact Wayne Smith at wayne@smartenergy.org.au or on 0417 141 812 if you would like to be involved in this important project or want more information.



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