| February 4, 2024

Big win for Australians - The government announces New Vehicle Efficiency Standards!

A BIG WIN for Australia! New Vehicle Efficiency Standards!

The Smart Energy Council strongly supports this major new policy, which will deliver $1000 in fuel savings per new vehicle by 2028.

The Australian Government first announced it was introducing fuel efficiency standards at the Smart Energy Council’s National Electric Vehicle Summit in August 2022. Since then, we have worked tirelessly to secure the government’s commitment to this major policy.

Importantly, the policy only applies to new cars, not used or existing vehicles. The new Standards provide car manufacturers with targets for average emissions per kilometre from new vehicles sold.

The Albanese government is seeking your input on the preferred model over the next month. Your opinion is crucial. Access the Impact Analysis and share your thoughts on Cleaner Cars.

The Government is proposing three options:

  • Option A – very modest reforms
  • Option B – “balancing ambition and achievability” – the Government’s preferred approach
  • Option C – a much more ambitious approach – the Smart Energy Council’s preferred position.

Whilst strongly supporting the new policy, the Smart Energy Council urges the Australian Government to increase its ambition and meet and beat the United States’ standard by 2026.

This could be the most significant policy to reduce Australia’s soaring transport emissions in history!

John Grimes, Chief Executive of the Smart Energy Council said:New Vehicle Efficiency Standards raise the standard for easing cost of living pressures and delivering climate action at the same time.

Australians are paying far too much for petrol, having been forced to drive much less efficient cars than any other developed country. This must, and will, change.

Australians will be spending at least $1000 a year less on petrol with new cars by 2028 with New Vehicle Efficiency Standards and if the Albanese Government adopts the most ambitious approach, Australians will be getting even greater savings even earlier.

New Vehicle Efficiency Standards could be the most important policy to slash Australia’s soaring transport emissions in history and if the Albanese Government adopts the most ambitious approach, we will see greater emissions reductions even earlier.

Congratulations again to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, Ministers Chris Bowen and Catherine King for this major step forward!

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