| June 23, 2023

Brazilian and Australian Solar Energy Bodies Partner to Strengthen Industry and Climate Collaboration

Strategic partnership aims to help fight climate change and reinforce the development of photovoltaic markets in both countries, with increased investments and new business opportunities.

The Smart Energy Council has signed a cooperation agreement with the Brazilian Solar Photovoltaic Energy Association (ABSOLAR) to reinforce international collaboration between the two countries’ solar industries.

This is a significant partnership in the development and growth of solar energy, particularly as Brazil will host COP30 and Australia aims to host COP31.

The proposed agreement, signed during Intersolar Europe, the largest European solar energy fair and one of the largest in the world, held in Munich, Germany, in June, aims to promote an acceleration in the development of solar energy markets in both countries, foster technological exchange and trade, as well as expand the attraction of new investments, generating jobs and income and creating business opportunities in solar energy in both countries.

Smart Energy Council President, Steve Blume, said about 25% of Australian homes already use solar PV systems, and battery storage will become increasingly common.

“Historically Australia has used a lot of fossil thermoelectric generation from mineral coal, the Australian government recently announced ambitious energy transition targets, with the objective to increase the share of renewable sources in the generation of electricity from 27% to 82% by 2030,” said Smart Energy Council President Steve Blume.

“Green hydrogen is also in Australia’s plans and is an area in which we can work together with ABSOLAR and Brazil.

Australia represents a highly relevant market for Brazil in terms of exchanging experiences on regulation and public policy, and bilateral cooperation may increase the attraction of new international investments.

“This will contribute to new opportunities for both markets, providing win-win growth in favour of social, economic and environmental development in both countries,” said Rodrigo Sauaia, CEO of ABSOLAR.




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