| February 14, 2023

The Smart Energy Council's 2023-24 Federal Budget Submission

After a decade of inaction, the 2023-24 Federal Budget has the potential to reshape Australia’s entire economic outlook. The Smart Energy Council is calling for a critical investment of…


$10 Billion dollars over 10 years to electrify Australian homes.


This will unlock our nation’s path to becoming a renewable energy superpower and take us closer to meeting our emissions targets.


We can achieve this aim with targeted investments in low interest loans for smart energy products and funding public and social housing to transition to efficient electric connections.

“Australia can lead the world. We are the first nation where using all electric zero emission appliances and vehicles will save every home money. We have access to the cheapest electricity in the world and this abundant energy can electrify our homes and buildings,” said Smart Energy Council CEO John Grimes.

“Whilst the energy transition will deliver massive benefits, it is critical no-one is left behind. This Budget Submission particularly emphasises the need to assist and work with low-income earners in both public and private housing as we electrify Australia’s homes with renewables.”




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