| March 28, 2024

The brightest day for Australian solar manufacturing

The Smart Energy Council has strongly welcomed the Australian Government’s announcement of $1 billion for the manufacturing of solar panels and related equipment.

“Today is the brightest day for Australian solar manufacturing,” said John Grimes, Chief Executive of the Smart Energy Council.

“The lost opportunity for solar manufacturing has been immense. The past three waves of solar technology, which led to a trillion dollar global industry, were all invented in Australia.”

“Finally, we will capture some of that value for Australia, creating revenue for Australian innovation and retaining the value for the Australian people.”

“For a decade we had a federal government committed to shutting down the solar industry. Our government today is making Australian solar manufacturing a reality.”

“Today, Australians are right to sing the Government’s praises from our solar rooftops!”

“The world’s solar transition has only just begun. Between the 1970s and early 2022, the world installed 1 terawatt of solar PV. By 2030 we will be installing 1 terawatt of solar PV in a single year.”

“It absolutely makes sense for us to make the key components of the solar supply chain right here in Australia.”

“The Solar Sunshot program should be the first shot in a round of smart energy manufacturing announcements. Australia can also make solar batteries, inverters and power electronics and we can, and must, add value to our extraordinary critical mineral resources.”

“The Smart Energy Council is calling for a suite of measures, including production tax credits, in the May Federal Budget to de-risk smart energy manufacturing and critical minerals value adding, laying the foundations for the reindustrialisation of the Australian economy.”

The Smart Energy Council is a peak body for Australia’s solar and renewables industry. Our members include companies, such as 5B, SunDrive and Tindo Solar, that are manufacturing, or looking to manufacture, solar in Australia.

John Grimes will hold a press conference at Mural Hall, Parliament House, 12pm today to provide further responses to the Government’s announcement.

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