| June 26, 2024

Swatten's New Product Debut: Leading the Trend in the Inverter Industry

Under the dual pressures of global climate change challenges and geopolitical uncertainties, energy independence and self-sufficiency have become focal points worldwide. Photovoltaic (PV) technology, with its clean and renewable characteristics, is a crucial pathway to achieving energy independence. However, traditional inverters need to catch up to meet growing storage needs. With their unique advantages, hybrid inverters are rapidly becoming the favorites in the inverter market.

From June 13-15, at the 17th (2024) International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy (Shanghai) Exhibition & Conference (SNEC 2024) and June 19-20 at Intersolar Europe 2024 in Munich, Germany, Swatten showcased its new generation of hybrid inverters and other featured products. These events highlighted Swatten’s innovative achievements and technological prowess in the inverter field, setting new trends in the industry.


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The hybrid inverter, an advanced power electronic device integrating photovoltaic power generation, energy storage system (ESS) management, and home energy management, provides a new solution for energy independence. It connects multiple PV panels to convert DC to AC power for home use and directly supplies DC power to the ESS, enabling energy storage and release. This feature allows hybrid inverters to excel in reducing power conversion losses and improving energy efficiency.


Reportedly, the Swatten H1 Series 10-30kW Hybrid Inverter, showcased at these exhibitions, is a new-generation product designed for large residential and small commercial and industrial users. Compared to previous products, it offers superior performance, smarter energy management functions, and robust storage capabilities, poised to lead the new trend in the inverter industry.




Swatten is committed to becoming a leading enterprise in the inverter industry, focusing on providing its customers with safe, efficient, and intelligent power solutions. With deep expertise in power conversion, battery management, and power electronics technology, Swatten continuously introduces innovative and competitive products, gaining wide market recognition.


Facing the opportunities and challenges of global energy transition and electricity market reform, Swatten will continue to adhere to an innovation-driven development strategy, continuously increasing investment in research and development to enhance product quality and technological levels. Simultaneously, Swatten will actively expand its international market, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with international peers, and jointly promote the development of the global energy transition and the electricity market.




Swatten presented its innovative achievements and technological strength in the inverter field at the exhibitions. We look forward to exchanging, cooperating, and innovating with global peers, jointly promoting the prosperity and development of the inverter industry.

Click here to watch the live video from the event.



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