| April 18, 2024

Sigenergy Redefines Battery Safety: Insights from Latest White Paper

The surging demand for energy storage systems has reignited concerns about safety. Recent incidents within the sector have brought attention to the risk of system failures, despite battery fires being rare. For example, Genex Power’s 50 MW/100 MWh battery system in Queensland, Australia, suffered a fire on September 26, 2023. Additionally, pv magazine documented five incidents, including explosions and fires, in Germany and Austria during the latter half of September.


A recent report, jointly compiled by Sigenergy and THEnergy, a leading consulting firm specializing in energy and sustainability innovation, sheds light on BESS safety and offers actionable insights to mitigate risks. The report reveals a gap between cost optimization and battery safety among manufacturers. While market standards are guided by norms and certifications, they often overlook key safety concerns of residential customers. Emphasizing the crucial need for additional safety features beyond regulatory requirements, the report underscores Sigenergy’s proactive approach in redefining battery safety. Dr. Thomas Hillig, co-author of the report and director of THEnergy, highlights Sigenergy’s commitment to enhancing safety standards and gaining consumer confidence by sharing knowledge and insights from extensive testing and real-life applications. Sigenergy aims to set a safety benchmark in the ESS market and drive positive industry-wide change.

If you would like to access this white paper and learn more about next level battery safety please visit this link https://www.sigenergy.com/en/newsroom/white_paper

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Leading the charge in energy innovation, Sigenergy has proactively raised industry safety standards with their flagship product, SigenStor. This system not only prioritizes safety but also delivers unparalleled reliability and efficiency.


SigenStor is meticulously designed to withstand diverse weather conditions, boasting an IP66 rating and an integrated battery heating pad. Its robust construction ensures seamless operation across a wide temperature range (-20°C to 55°C), with the heating pad activating promptly in suboptimal conditions, guaranteeing uninterrupted functionality and enabling users to harness clean, sustainable power.


Real-world testimonials serve as a powerful affirmation of SigenStor’s reliability. In Sweden, a customer shared their experience of enduring harsh winter conditions with SigenStor systems, which continued to operate flawlessly despite facing Sweden’s chilliest winter in years. Installed over a year ago, this durable setup has consistently demonstrated its reliability, further solidifying SigenStor’s reputation for resilience and performance.


Setting a new standard for battery system safety, SigenStor incorporates advanced protection features, including temperature sensors, internal fire extinguishers, aerogel-insulated pads, decompression valves, and high-temperature-resistant insulated pads. The 5-layer battery protection mitigates the risk of battery fires, elevating safety standards to unprecedented levels.



  • Temperature Sensors: Each battery is equipped with either seven (8 kWh) or five (5 kWh) temperature sensors to monitor abnormal temperature rises. Both the DC-DC side and battery cell temperatures are continuously monitored to ensure optimal operation and prevent overheating.


  • Decompression Valve: The decompression valve is designed to reduce pressure inside the pack and prevent explosions. With a proper opening pressure set at 5 kPa (1/10 of the construction strength), it releases combustible gases directionally for pressure relief and explosion prevention.


  • Aerogel Insulated Pad: Utilizing aerogel composite material as the core and polymer films or flame retardant coatings as packaging materials, the aerogel insulated pad inhibits thermal spread between cells. With a thermal conductivity of ≤0.035W/m·K and insulation impedance of >500 MΩ (DC 1000V), it ensures efficient insulation and thermal management.


  • High Temperature Resistant Insulated Pads: These pads prevent electrical leakage and thermal spread to the shell of the battery. They eliminate insulation issues caused by particles during production, prevent cell inflation and metal extrusion throughout the battery’s life cycle, and hinder the spread of fire under high-temperature conditions, ultimately preventing electrical breakdown due to insulation failure.


  • Internal Fire Extinguisher: Activated by high temperatures, the internal fire extinguisher discharges aerosol to extinguish fires within four seconds. Triggered by a thermal sensitive wire at 170℃, it releases 40g of aerosol to absorb heat and free radicals, effectively suppressing the fire.


SigenStor doesn’t rest on its laurels; it continues to lead in innovation. Sigenergy’s innovative modular parallel and multiple boost technologies drive the commercialization of energy storage-specific 280Ah battery cells. This breakthrough guarantees higher energy density, reduced space requirements, extended cycle life, and lower PACK static voltage (32.85V), revolutionizing home energy storage.


If you would like to learn more about our products please contact our Managing Director Will Hall at will.hall@sigenergy.com



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