| March 13, 2024

Sigenergy Completes 336kWh Off-Grid Project in Regional Victoria, Australia

Sigenergy recently installed and commissioned a large residential off-grid system located in regional Victoria, Australia. This system comprises seven SigenStor units connected in parallel, each equipped with a 10kW three-phase hybrid inverter and 6 x 8kWh batteries, providing a total energy storage capacity of 336kWh.




Situated within a sprawling estate boasting ample amenities such as a tennis court and a 25-meter swimming pool, this customer faced a unique challenge. While grid access was available, the existing transformer capacity fell short of meeting the property’s power demands. As a result, the homeowner resorted to utilizing a 55kVA diesel generator primarily for pool heating, ensuring optimal temperatures were maintained at all times. This resulted in a staggering consumption of over 1,100 liters of diesel per week for pool heating alone, amounting to a weekly fuel cost of approximately AUD 2000.




The flexibility of SigenStor allows for a seamloess adaptation to both grid-connected and off-grid scenarios, making it an ideal solution for this particular project. Following in-depth discussions with independent energy consultants and Sigenergy representatives, the decision was made to deploy this system as the estate’s primary power source to offset the huge energy costs.




The initial installation of 336kWh of energy storage marked the completion of the project’s first phase. Projections indicate substantial savings for the homeowner, with a huge reduction in diesel consumption and associated fuel costs. The project’s second phase will introduce a 70kW solar PV array which will be connected to the Sigenstor system, further maximizing the utilization of clean energy sources and driving additional energy cost savings.




SigenStor emerges as a formidable contender in the energy storage market, distinguished by its robust and adaptable design. What sets Sigenergy’s solution apart is its innovative approach to modular energy storage, which extends its application beyond residential settings to include commercial and industrial sectors.



The lightweight and modular design of SigenStor, with no single module weighing more than 75kg, facilitates hassle-free installation by just two individuals, eliminating the need for cranes and significantly reducing labor costs. This modular design also allows for seamless module replacement without disrupting the entire system, ensuring uninterrupted operation.



Featuring quick connectors between modules, SigenStor simplifies on-site installation, further optimizing convenience. The MySigen application, developed in-house by Sigenergy, enables swift commissioning in as little as 5 minutes, providing real-time updates on system status to both installers and end-users. With intelligent monitoring, diagnostics, and personalized optimization features, the app enhances system performance and efficiency.


With a robust IP66 protection rating, SigenStor guarantees maintenance-free operation, whether installed indoors or outdoors, effectively resisting environmental elements such as dust, rain and snow.


If you would like further information on Sigenergy products or would like to purchase, please contact our Managing Director Will Hall on will.hall@sigenergy.com



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