| April 22, 2024

Reliable Renewables Rollout vs CoalKeeper

“Today’s announcement of Australia’s biggest ever renewable energy tender shows the dramatic contrast between the Federal Government and Opposition when it comes to energy policy,” said Wayne Smith, Acting Chief Executive of the Smart Energy Council.

“The Albanese Government has announced a massive 6 gigawatt tender for reliable renewables – Australia’s biggest ever request for renewables.”

“The Dutton/Littleproud Opposition has announced it will keep our aging, polluting and unreliable coal-fired power stations going as long as possible.”

“Scott Morrison’s CoalKeeper policy is alive and creaking under Peter Dutton.”

“National Party Leader David Littleproud last week also stated he would consider scrapping existing contracts for large-scale renewable energy projects, potentially calling into question every major new renewable energy project in the country under a Dutton/Littleproud Government.”

“The contrast between the Government and Opposition has never been stronger on renewable energy. One side wants Australia to be a Renewables Superpower, the other side wants a moratorium on renewables and is exploring a nuclear fantasy,” said Mr Smith.

“A moratorium on renewables is a recipe for soaring power bills and climate pollution.”

“By contrast, the Capacity Investment Scheme provides an orderly plan to get to 82% renewables by 2030, with national renewables and storage auctions every six months until 2027.”

“The Capacity Investment Scheme needs to be complemented by a National Consumer Energy Plan to unlock investment in rooftop solar and battery storage, including a Small-scale Renewable Energy Storage Scheme to deliver one million solar batteries by 2030,” said Mr Smith.



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