| June 19, 2024

Nuclear Plan Will Cook Your Bills and the Climate

“Nuclear energy will not arrive in Australia until 2040 at the latest, so this is all about extending the life of highly polluting coal-fired power stations at taxpayer expense,” Smart Energy Council Chief Executive John Grimes said.

“Everyone knows nuclear equals higher power bills and higher carbon pollution by extending the life of coal-fired power stations.”

“This so-called energy policy is for the fossil fuel lobby, not for Australians, or the planet.”


The Smart Energy Council is deeply troubled by the Coalition’s refusal to heed the warnings from endless experts warning Australia not to go down this path.


“The pro-nuclear International Energy Agency says Australia should remain focused on wind and solar.”
“The CSIRO says nuclear power will be far more expensive than wind and solar.”
“As cash-strapped businesses and households suffer under power price shocks, the Liberal and National Parties want to triple their bills.”
“As the planet cooks, the Opposition proposes we burn more fossil fuels – it’s madness.”
“Reliable renewable energy is shrinking people’s power bills, nuclear power will blow them up.”
“Nuclear energy will not arrive in Australia until 2040 at the latest and will not help us meet our climate targets.”
“Australia is on track to become a reliable renewable energy superpower, but we’ll be beaten by others to the trillions of dollars of investment if we get distracted by nuclear.”



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