| May 10, 2024

LONGi Achieves New World Record for Silicon Solar Cell Efficiency, Introducing 2nd Generation Ultra-Efficient BC-Based Module

  • Innovative solar panel manufacturer proudly announces a groundbreaking achievement: a new record in silicon heterojunction back-contact solar cell efficiency, reaching an impressive 27.30%. This milestone further solidifies its position as a leader in the global solar energy industry.
  • Additionally, LONGi unveils its latest innovation, the Hi-MO 9 solar module. Boasting an industry-leading silicon solar module conversion efficiency of up to 24.43%, this new module sets a new standard for solar technology, promising exceptional performance and reliability.


Marid, Spain, May 7th, 2024— LONGi Green Energy Technology Co. proudly announces its latest milestone, breaking a new world record for silicon solar cell efficiency, further solidifying its position as a leader in the global solar energy industry. Certified by Germany’s Institute for Solar Energy Research Hamelin (ISFH), LONGi’s silicon heterojunction back-contact (HBC) solar cells have achieved an outstanding efficiency of 27.30% under laboratory conditions, marking the company’s 17th world-record achievement in solar cell efficiency since April 2021.


27.3%, LONGi sets a new world record for silicon solar cell efficiency again


This groundbreaking announcement was made during a celebratory event attended by LONGi’s esteemed leadership, including founder and president Li Zhenguo, Vice President Dennis She, Chief Scientist Dr. Xu Xixiang, and esteemed client representatives from around the world.


The launch event of LONGi’s new product


LONGi’s dedication to innovation and sustainability has positioned it as a frontrunner in crystalline silicon photovoltaics. Notably, LONGi now holds dual world records for both efficiency in crystalline silicon solar cells and efficiency in crystalline silicon-perovskite tandem solar cells. In November2023, LONGi set another world record in boasting an efficiency of 33.9% in crystalline silicon-perovskite tandem solar cells.


LONGi’s founder and president, Li Zhenguo and Chief Scientist Dr. Xu Xixiang unveiling the new BC world record


Introducing the Hi-MO 9 Module

Highlighting its commitment to pushing the boundaries of solar technology, LONGi unveils its flagship Hi-MO 9 module at the special event in Madrid, Spain. The Hi-MO 9 module, featuring 2nd generation Hybrid Passivated Back Contact (HPBC) solar cell technology and the TaiRay wafer, promises exceptional performance with a maximum power output of 660W and an impressive conversion efficiency of up to 24.43%. Designed to thrive in diverse environments, including lakes, mountains, and deserts, the Hi-MO 9 module is poised to revolutionize solar energy generation worldwide.


Hi-MO 9 module


Dennis She, Vice President of LONGi Green Energy Technology Co., commented on the groundbreaking capabilities of the Hi-MO 9 module, stating, “Our new Hi-MO 9 module allows world-leading power generation and outmatches other technologies on the market in an equal land-use scenario. What’s more, it retains this performance throughout its life, as the module is designed to the highest standards of reliability. Power plant owners can rest assured that a plant built from the Hi-MO 9 module will help them make the most efficient use of their land and get the most value out of sunlight.”

The panels will be produced at the company’s Jiaxing Production Base which has been recognized by the World Economic Forum as a Global Lighthouse Factory, a group of factories which have been judged to be accelerating the adoption of Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies in manufacturing.


Availability in Australia

The highly anticipated Hi-MO 9 module is scheduled to arrive on Australian shores by Q4 2024, thanks to LONGi’s dedicated efforts to ensure a smooth and timely launch.

For those curious to learn more about the product and eager for an exclusive sneak peek, interested parties are encouraged to reach out to their local LONGi representative or contact the company directly at au@longi.com. LONGi’s team is ready to answer questions and share their excitement about the upcoming release.


About LONGi

Founded in 2000, LONGi is committed to being the world’s leading solar technology company, focusing on customer-driven value creation for full scenario energy transformation.

Under its mission of ‘making the best of solar energy to build a green world’, LONGi has dedicated itself to technology innovation and established five business sectors, covering mono silicon wafers cells and modulescommercial & industrial distributed solar solutionsgreen energy solutions and hydrogen equipment. The company has honed its capabilities to provide green energy and has more recently embraced green hydrogen products and solutions to support global zero carbon development. www.longi.com/au



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