| July 2, 2024

Exciting partnership highlights importance of smart energy education

The Smart Energy Council is proud to announce Greenwood Academy as its “Industry Education Partner”, providing free training materials to members of the Smart Installer program to highlight the critical role of education in Australia’s energy transition. 

The release of the Australian Energy Market Operator’s (AEMO) latest Integrated System Plan makes it clear that as a nation, we need to massively increase our efforts to roll out renewable energy, including at least quadrupling rooftop solar installations, and large scale solar and wind systems.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to create the jobs of the future for Australians. Beyond Zero Emissions has  estimated 1.8 million new jobs can be created as part of Australia’s clean energy economy, making smart energy the nation’s fastest growing industry. 

“This is an incredible moment for Australia and its workforce,” Smart Energy Council Chief Executive John Grimes said. “But, it won’t just magically appear, it needs to be created.”

“To be successful the industry must onboard, reskill and upskill millions of people, and education will be pivotal in attracting and preparing the new talent required to make Australia’s transition happen.”

“Accessible education is absolutely vital if Australia is to stand a chance at achieving 82% renewable electricity generation by 2030, which is why this partnership between the Smart Energy Council and Greenwood Academy is so important.”

“The Smart Energy Council and Greenwood are up to the task, and are doing so by providing free access to the necessary content and training.” 

The partnership will see Greenwood Academy deliver new online training every month, starting 1st August 2024, to participants of the SEC’s Smart Installer program. To-date, more than 1200 Australians have registered for the Smart Installer program. With the promise of high-value content now available for free, no strings attached, thousands more will undoubtedly join soon. 

 The video announcing the partnership. Shot in China, where the Smart Energy Council led a strong delegation which included former Queensland Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk. Left, John Grimes; Right, Robbie Coleman.

“The face of Australia’s clean energy workforce needs to change,” Greenwood’s Head of Strategy, Brand & Academy, Robbie Coleman said. 

“We need to attract the best and brightest talent and our partnership with the Smart Energy Council – a leading voice for our industry – is the first step in creating change.”

“We’re making education accessible to all Australians with no barrier to entry – we’re excited!”

At the time of writing, Australia’s renewables workforce is estimated to be just 45-60,000 strong; well short of the 600,000 jobs expected to be created in the industry by 2030. 

The objective of this partnership between the SEC and Greenwood Academy is to bridge that gap, with greater education and visibility of our industry’s career pathways. And to ensure we create the diverse, inclusive and powerful workforce needed for Australia’s successful transition to renewable energy, and the jobs of the future. We’ve no time to lose.



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