| June 15, 2024

Big Wind A Huge Win for Jobs and Investment for the Illawarra

The Smart Energy Council congratulates the Albanese government on taking Australia towards a cleaner, cheaper, energy future with the announcement of its fourth offshore wind zone. 

“Offshore wind equals economic and energy security, and will promote jobs in the Illawarra now, and into the future,” Smart Energy Council acting CEO Richie Merzian said.

“This is the boost local industry and manufacturing needs, and it will be thanks to reliable renewable energy.”

“The Gong has a proud history of producing the products Australia needs, enormous amounts of wind power means it can continue that tradition for years to come.”

“Offshore wind for the Illawarra will unlock huge amounts of cleaner, cheaper energy for the region’s businesses and households.”

“This is what a smart energy future looks like, one that’s powered naturally by wind and solar.” 

The Smart Energy Council is pleased to see the government’s emphasis on making sure that future wind developers will be selected on the basis of making sure local jobs and the environment are front and centre in the project.

“Renewable energy from sources like offshore wind means we can lock in the jobs of tomorrow for the next generation of young people in Wollongong, and beyond,” Mr Merzian said.

“Projects like this demonstrate how we can meet our climate targets, and develop a future made in Australia.” 

“We commend Minister Bowen for helping drive Australia’s clean energy transition forward.”



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