| June 26, 2024

AEMO Confirms Renewables Are Cheapest, Cleanest, and Most Reliable Energy Source

The Smart Energy Council welcomes the release of the Australian Energy Market Operator’s (AEMO) Integrated System Plan (ISP), at a time when fact-based clarity is so needed in our energy transition.


“AEMO has again shown that renewable energy and storage is by far the cheapest and most reliable way to supply homes and businesses with electricity,” SEC Chief Executive John Grimes said.

“The ISP lays out a clear path to how Australia will meet its 2050 emission reduction and renewable targets through the increased use of cheap and reliable renewable energy.”

“As the Smart Energy Council has previously outlined, the total rollout cost to 2050 is $122 billion, to be almost entirely funded by the private sector. This is a fraction of the federal opposition’s beer coaster economics claiming the energy transition will cost $1.5 trillion, justifying its so-called nuclear plan.”

“The actual cost is ten times less than that amount. But what’s a $1.38 trillion dollar factual error from an alternative government, when taxpayers are on the hook.”

“Further, we note the absence of modelling for nuclear power in the AEMO ISP, because nuclear power is illegal in Australia.”


The Smart Energy Council welcomes the huge taxpayer savings identified within the roadmap, if households are assisted in making the switch to smart energy resources such as solar, batteries, electric vehicles (EVs) and smart energy systems.


“We call for a national battery booster program to help achieve the $4 billion in savings to Australian households as identified by AEMO in the plan,” Mr Grimes said.

“Australians want more solar and batteries because they know it’s slashing their power bills. Nuclear will blow them up.”

“A national support program for home batteries will ease the power bill shocks in peoples homes, further stabilise the grid, and cut pollution.” 

“It’s a no brainer, and we encourage the government to really lean in to boosting the rollout of consumer renewable energy products, Australia’s favourite energy sources.”


The Smart Energy Council acknowledges the identification of new transmission lines needed for the roadmap must be preceded by proper community consultation, and put on the table incentives like partial ownership, reduced energy bills, or similarly fair and appropriate compensation.



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