| April 9, 2024

$4,000 Subsidy, STACKABLE BESS Leading Queensland's Savings!


The Queensland government’s latest battery storage incentive policy is revolutionizing the residential energy storage market. Swatten’s Stackable BESS emerges as the top choice for energy management.

Through the Battery Booster Rebate Scheme, households can receive up to $4,000 in incentives for integrating energy storage systems with rooftop solar setups. Notably, households with incomes below $180,000, especially those below $66,667, qualify for the higher $4,000 rebate.

Swatten’s Stackable BESS is designed to meet the policy’s requirements, featuring a stackable design, lightweight modules, and flexible indoor/outdoor installation. With support for 2-8 modules per unit, it offers customizable capacity backed by a 10-year warranty and 6000 charge-discharge cycles, ensuring reliability. Intelligent features like remote start and real-time data monitoring enhance user experience and operational efficiency.

With the Queensland government’s policy driving force, residential energy storage systems like Swatten’s Stackable BESS are poised for broader applications in the Australian market. As households seek more efficient, secure, and customizable energy solutions, Stackable BESS emerges as a promise, heralding a future where sustainable energy is not just a choice but a seamless part of everyday life.


At Smart Energy 2024, Swatten showcases its advanced hybrid inverters, notably the H1 Series, featuring a unique 100% Unbalanced Output Function. Smart power management, increased self-utilization, and improved power quality make the H1 Series a pinnacle for energy management.


Amidst Australia’s renewable energy investments, events like Smart Energy 2024 foster collaboration and innovation. Swatten’s commitment to empowering homeowners with eco-friendly energy solutions aligns with Australia’s transition towards a greener future. Let’s embrace renewable energy to build a sustainable tomorrow, one smart energy solution at a time.

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