| May 9, 2024

2050 Gas Plan Is a Recipe to Cook the Planet

The Smart Energy Council is shocked by the Australian Government’s plan to lock in gas beyond 2050.

Resource Minister Madeleine King’s Future Gas Strategy isn’t a smart energy plan, it’s a carbon heavy recipe that’s cooking the planet.

The Smart Energy Council strongly supports the Albanese Government’s plan for A Future Made in Australia, but it’s absolutely incompatible with gas.

The Chief Executive of the Smart Energy Council, John Grimes said “The government must be supporting industries of the future, not the past.”

“The future is green, not gas; green hydrogen, green ammonia, green iron, green metals, green minerals, green manufacturing.”

“A smart energy future is one without heavily polluting industries.”

“We have the renewable energy solutions of the future now, but their ability to replace fossil fuels is being seriously delayed.”

“The gas lobby’s power over governments of all persuasions is on full display here, and it’s a horror show. This is Woodside’s blueprint for the future, it can’t be the Australian Government’s blueprint for the future.”

“Make no mistake, multinational fossil fuel companies are celebrating today.”

“Australia is at a critical junction here, we continue exporting the cause of the world’s climate crisis, or its solutions; it must be the latter.” 



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