| June 2, 2024

One for All: Sigenegy's SigenStor Leads the C&I Energy Storage Revolution

Sigenergy, a leading energy innovator, hosted an exclusive event in Valencia, Spain on May 14th, showcasing its latest advancements tailored for the Commercial and Industrial (C&I) sector. Central to the event was the unveiling of Sigenergy’s SigenStor C&I project in Spain, allowing guests to experience the energy storage technology firsthand. This innovative solution breaks down barriers between residential and C&I energy storage, introducing a revolutionary “One for All” capability that opens new possibilities in the energy storage sector.


The C&I project, situated in Murcia within the Bedega Familia Gil winery, was commissioned in April 2024. This on-grid project was meticulously crafted for the renowned winery, which boasts a century-long legacy in Spain’s wine production. With over 2,000 hectares of vineyards across Spain, some dating back over a century, the winery is renowned for its exceptional quality red wines.




SigenStor: The World’s First 5-in-1 Energy Storage System

SigenStor is a highly integrated system that combines a Battery PCS, Battery Pack, 25kW EV DC Charger, PV Inverter, and EMS. Notably, it leads the industry by incorporating an innovative DC charging module, making it the world’s first energy storage system that integrates solar power, energy storage, and EV charging.


One for All: Adaptable Across All Scenarios

With its innovative design, SigenStor can adapt to a variety of scenarios, from residential to commercial and industrial (C&I), from on-grid to micro-grid, and from restricted environments to anywhere, truly achieving “One for All.”




Full Business Scope: From Residential to C&I

SigenStor is suitable for both residential and C&I settings. Its uniform product design means identical installation, commissioning, and maintenance processes, unified warehouse SKUs, and consistent branding. Residential installers do not require special training or skills to handle C&I projects with SigenStor, allowing a two-person team to complete system installation. This versatility enables businesses to seamlessly expand from residential to C&I energy storage markets.


Traditional C&I solutions are complex to design and install, requiring specialized knowledge and skills. These complexities often prevent residential installers from undertaking C&I projects, thereby hindering the adoption and expansion of C&I energy storage solutions.


For example, a 300 kWh storage system using SigenStor’s stackable design eliminates the need for cranes and foundation work, significantly reducing installation time and cutting costs by over €35,000. For operations and maintenance (O&M), the system requires no on-site maintenance and can be managed 100% remotely, further lowering maintenance costs.


SigenStor’s fully networked communication capabilities allow automatic device networking, topology generation, and parameter configuration, reducing commissioning time to just 10 minutes. Traditional C&I systems, with their complex architectures and numerous components (battery cabinets, PCS, EMS, inverters), can take days to set up. Moreover, cabinet-based storage systems require regular inspections by highly skilled personnel, increasing maintenance challenges and costs.




Full System Capability: From On-Grid to Micro-Grid

SigenStor can operate in DC-coupled solar-storage-charging mode or in AC-coupled mode with retrofitting. Paired with Sigen’s Energy Gateway, it can support up to 20 parallel devices in one matrix, enabling seamless on-grid, off-grid, and micro-grid operation. It can also connect to diesel generators for additional backup, ensuring uninterrupted power supply with 0 ms switching through patented software algorithms.


Current solutions often require different equipment for on-grid, micro-grid, and off-grid operations, involving multiple brands and leading to high learning curves, complex deployments, and difficult upgrades. This often forces users to rely on costly and environmentally unfriendly diesel generators for off-grid power.




Full Scenario Adaptability: From Restricted Environments to Anywhere

Container-based energy storage solutions are bulky, occupying large areas and requiring specific installation conditions that may not be feasible in constrained or urban environments. Safety regulations in some countries mandate a minimum distance of about 3 meters between units to ensure effective cooling and safety. The heavy weight of containers makes rooftop installations impractical, and complex permitting processes can take years.


SigenStor’s compact, modular design and stackable installation options allow flexible placement in diverse settings such as wineries, schools, hospitals, factories, malls, offices, and communities, suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. For C&I applications, the system’s smallest unit is 8 kWh, with a single system supporting up to 48 kWh and up to 20 parallel systems in one matrix, allowing for flexible capacity configurations with multi MWh storage potential. In contrast, cabinet systems, with fixed capacities of 100 kWh or 200 kWh, often lead to over-configuration and increased costs.




SigenStor has already been widely adopted in C&I projects across Europe, North America, Oceania, Africa, and Asia, receiving unanimous praise from installers and end-users for its exceptional performance. The major benefits for customers include:


Supreme Safety: Peace of Mind

SigenStor redefines energy storage safety with five layers of protection, including advanced temperature sensors, internal fire extinguishers, aerogel-insulated pads, decompression valves, and high-temperature-resistant insulated pads, making it the safest energy storage product in the market. Most modular storage batteries on the market lack such comprehensive safety features, making them unsuitable for C&I and residential applications.


Robust IP66 Protection: Weather-Resistant

With an IP66 protection rating, SigenStor can be installed indoors or outdoors and operate in temperatures ranging from -20°C to 55°C, unaffected by extreme weather conditions. The battery heating system operates automatically to ensure normal operation in extreme low temperatures.


High Availability: Consistent Stability

SigenStor utilizes a modular design and parallel architecture, eliminating the need for a data logger. The system’s master control unit automatically competes for control, and any single module failure is automatically isolated, eliminating single points of failure and achieving system availability of over 99.99%—5% higher than cabinet-based solutions and serial modular systems. For maintenance, only the faulty module needs to be replaced, a process that requires only two people. In contrast, cabinet-based energy storage solutions can halt the entire system due to a single module failure, with repairs taking days or even weeks.


AI-Enhanced: Intelligent Management

Sigenergy redefines BESS architecture with advanced End-Edge-Cloud integration and the latest AI technologies, offering users an intelligent energy experience from automated diagnostics to remote inspections. The cloud-based BMS algorithm continuously evolves through deep learning, ensuring system safety. Sigenergy’s self-developed mySigen app, integrated with GPT-4, offers an industry-first AI assistant, supporting dozens of languages and revolutionizing traditional after-sales service. Sigenergy has the ability to enhance energy dispatch and efficiency through AI integrations, connecting with mainstream VPP providers and supporting dynamic tariffs and load shedding with major utilities, enhancing user experience.


Sigenergy remains committed to innovation in distributed solar-storage-charging technology, optimizing components and systems, and simplifying design, installation, and maintenance processes. This reduces skill requirements, making advanced energy solutions accessible to more scenarios and users, and allowing everyone to enjoy green energy.


If you would like further information on Sigenergy products or would like to purchase, please contact our Managing Director Will Hall on will.hall@sigenergy.com or 0400108934.



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