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GPO Box 77 Adelaide, SA, 5001 Australia
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SA Power Networks is South Australia’s regulated electricity distributor, delivering electricity to around 900,000 homes and businesses.  Headquartered in Adelaide, we employ about 1,800 people and benchmark as the most efficient distributor on a State-wide basis in Australia’s National Electricity Market.

Our network spans an area of 178,000 square kilometres, with 200,000 kilometres of powerline, 640,000 Stobie poles, 400 substations and 80,000 street transformers.

SA Power Networks’ focus is on empowering South Australia through safely, reliably and cost-effectively delivering electricity today and working toward an exciting low carbon future.

We are leading national initiatives integrating roof-top solar energy into the energy market and re-shaping the network and our services to be the platform for South Australia’s renewable energy transition.

We engage deeply with customers, stakeholders, policy makers, advocacy groups, industry and manufacturers, which means we are able to develop innovative and cost-effective approaches to deal with South Australia’s energy transformation.

Our thinking is guided by our Future Operating Model, which helps us to plan for new technologies, and innovative energy services that will be needed to meet evolving customer needs and community expectations.

To enable the new energy future we are investing in:

·       Improving customer choice in how they source energy

·       Spreading the benefits of solar to all customers

·       Leveraging distributed energy resources for community benefit

·       Developing smart solutions to overcome network constraints and maximise utilisation of our network

·       Ensuring our network is ready to support more solar but also accommodate a shift to electrification of transport.

The rest of the nation is looking toward us and following our leadership.

As we make our energy transition, we are ensuring that we are contributing to the right decisions for our State, the community and our customers, so we maximise the benefits of our investments, and those of customers, and build a more sustainable future for our community.