| February 25, 2021

The UK-Australia Journey to Net Zero Emissions

This webinar explored opportunities for a green industrial revolution in the UK and Australia, highlighting technologies and reforms that will be central to building strong, zero emissions economies in both countries.

Special guest Ken O’Flaherty, the COP26 Regional Ambassador for the Asia-Pacific and South Asia was our keynote speaker.

COP 26, the United Nations climate conference, is being hosted by the UK Government in November 2021.

Thanks again to our fantastic presenters:

– Ken O’Flaherty, COP26 Regional Ambassador for Asia-Pacific and South Asia
– Johanna Bowyer, Lead Research Analyst – Australian Electricity, IEEFA
– Vincent Dwyer, Principal, Energy Estate
– Peter Conway, Director, Energy Estate UK
– Chris Parratt, CEO, Social Energy Australia
– John Grimes, CEO, Smart Energy Council



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