| July 9, 2020

The Era of 500+ Watt Modules: What it means for you

Hear from

–        Alok VermaSenior Sales Manager, Utility Projects, ANZ, JinkoSolar will talk about the era of 500 + watt, JinkoSolar credibility in Australia and bifacial solar farm.

–        Javier Vidal Echevarria, Regional General Manager Australia, Soltec will present on advancements in 2P trackers related to 500 + watt modules and the improvements in tracker technology, to positively impact generation.

–       Roundtable Discussion: Impact on DC generation of solar farms hosted by John Grimes, CEO, Smart Energy Council  :

  1. Philip KaoSenior Application Engineer, Large Scale & Project Solutions, SMA Australia will discuss about DC to AC generation, DC string voltage above 1500 Vdc and about how high DC voltages impact to inverter design life and warranty.
  1. Warwick JohnstonManaging Director, SunWiz will talk about grid connections and interconnectors status, next hot spots of solar farm in Australia, and the industry trends and challenges.
  1. Nicholas Wain, Associate, Energy and Management, Aurecon will discuss on bifacial solar farms in terms of bankable solutions, the experience of Aurecon and other related technology issues.
  2. Alex LiBusiness Development Manager, UNSW will talk about the impact of technology on upcoming solar farm, next technology generation and UNSW’s point of view on upcoming solar farms.
  3. Ally Bonakdar, Director, Energy, Specialised & Acquisition Finance, NAB will share his experience on project finance during COVID, the challenges and possible solutions and new energy finance.




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