| March 17, 2023

Supercharge your residential battery sales

This is a recording of the Smart Energy Council webinar held on 16 March 2023 “Supercharge your residential battery sales” – brought to you by Powow

In this power-packed session, you’ll find out:

– Why battery sales will be critical to your business future as the market rapidly changes from power generation, to on-demand energy storage and Virtual Power Plants (VPP)

– How adding batteries into your sales mix can help your business to flourish while getting a head start on your competitors (it’s easier than you think)

– How to easily solve customer objections (i.e. “too expensive” or “It’s all too confusing”) with a range of innovative customer payment options that are way too good for them to pass up

– How only Powow can give you the product solutions, payment options and VPP technology to build a thriving solar business in this booming new market (Powow even handle all backend technical support for you too, so you don’t have to waste time chasing manufacturers)

– How the growing All-Electric Home and Electric Vehicle trends can help springboard your sales of larger panel + battery systems, meaning more revenue and more profit for you.

Thank you to our host Steve Blume, President, Smart Energy Council as well as our fantastic speakers , Alex Georgiou, CMO, GTL Group, Brogan Roods, GM and Head of Sales, Powow and Jon Dee, Founder, Do Something an Planet Ark



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