| June 9, 2020

Maximising Solar Return with Advanced Modules & Trackers

Just outside metropolitan Melbourne LONGi and Arctech Solar are building a unique tracker and advanced PV module demonstration project.

It will showcase mono and bi-facial modules on 1P and 2P trackers all in the one place.

Showing the engineering is only the first step. It will also collect data over time on the different (but identical) electrical configurations.

Australian data, from Australian conditions.

It will also serve as a hands-on training location via a 4-module mini tracker onsite.

This project will demonstratetrain and test.

Here from Industry experts:

–        Yvonne Zhao, Global Marketing Manager, LONGi

–        Richard Qian, Product Engineer, LONGi

–        Yang Guo, Business Development Manager, Arctech Solar

–        Glen Morris, General Manager at SmartEnergyLab

–        John Grimes, Chief Executive, Smart Energy Council




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