| June 4, 2020

Latest Generation Inverter Technology

1) Hear from Industry Experts, Glen Morris and Geoff Bragg about:

– Safe Solar Arrays: The importance of an operational earth fault alarm

– AEMO’s requirements for DER

– Where can you install a battery under the new standard?

– Preparing for updates to the forthcoming inverter standard

– Why AEMO won’t be turning off your solar inverter

2) Rita Ren, Sales Manager, AISWEI New Energy Technology with do a review of their high-tech automated production plant in Yangzhong city focusing on quality control measures

3) Peter Geeves, Sales Manager, AISWEI New Energy Technology will introduce Solplanet and the App benefits

4) SEC CEO, John Grimes will host and chair the webinar and conduct a panel discussion/ Q&A session at the end to answer all your technical questions.




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