| November 23, 2022

Electric Vehicles and Charging Solutions in Australia

This is a recording of the Smart Energy Council webinar held on 22 November 2022 “Electric vehicles and charging solutions in Australia” – brought to you by FIMER

If you are interested in learning more about the future opportunities of Electric Vehicles and charging options for the home, business or public project, watch this recording brought to you by our friends from FIMER.

This webinar covered:

– Current situation of EV in Australia and globally,

– Types of EV Charging Hardware available for the home, private, public or commercial use

– Charging management software that can get the most out of EV chargers for the end-user as well as the operator.

Thank you to our host John Grimes, CEO, Smart Energy Council as well as our fantastic speakers, Jason Venning, Country Manager FIMER and Carola Jonas, CEO/Founder, Everty



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